Vision and Goals

The Geyserville Chamber of Commerce exists to promote local businesses, enhance a sense of community, provide a viable social network and encourage a quality lifestyle.

1.    Promote Geyserville as a desirable tourist destination and “Wine Capital of Sonoma County.”
a.    Utilize professional public relations/advertising services, internet technology and social media.geyserville 008
b.    Seek underwriting practitioners when appropriate.
c.    Collaborate with other entities promoting wine country events.
d.    Highlight local lodging, restaurants, wine tasting, art galleries and other available services.

2.    Support and promote Geyserville as a friendly community maintaining a sense of small town values
and citizen involvement.
a.    Continue monthly Chamber meetings/dinners.
b.    Support/sponsor May Day Festival, Fall Colors, Winter Holiday festivities and similar events.
c.    Develop and/or encourage additional community events.
d.    Identify and welcome new businesses and residents.

3.    Explore an attractive “anchor” for the town, perhaps an art piece that reflects our casual, friendly
a.    Seek artistic input.

4.    Encourage viable downtown businesses that support existing wine tasting rooms, restaurants,
lodging and art galleries.
a.    Encourage additional retail stores and businesses where locals and tourists could shop, browse
and receive essential services.
b.    Provide current and updated information on potential business sites and opportunities to
interested investors.

5.    Promote and preserve Geyserville’s historic resources, as well as providing information to tourists of
outlying activities such as wineries, Lake Sonoma and cycling events.
a.    Discuss and study the possibility of a small historical museum and visitor information booth.
b.    Explore additional opportunities to promote and identify Geyserville, perhaps through its Italian
heritage utilizing current Italian restaurants, wine, etc.

6.    Promote businesses and activities that reflect the current demographics and diversity of the
a.    Support Hispanic cultural events.
b.    Celebrate and support local labor force as a valued part of community.

7.    Promote Geyserville as a great place to live where seniors and young families co-exist.
a.    Support local youth and schools through promotional sources and family friendly activities
and events.

8.    Support the Geyserville Advisory Planning Committee in assuring Geyserville attracts development
consistent with our vision/goals.